9 de noviembre de 2017

Epidemic spreading in multiplex networks influenced by opinion exchanges on vaccination

L. G. Alvarez-Zuzek, C. E. La Rocca, J. R. Iglesias, L. A. Braunstein, PLoS ONE 12, e0186492 (2017)

Through years, the use of vaccines has always been a controversial issue. People in a
society may have different opinions about how beneficial the vaccines are and as a consequence
some of those individuals decide to vaccinate or not themselves and their relatives.
This attitude in face of vaccines has clear consequences in the spread of diseases and their
transformation in epidemics. Motivated by this scenario, we study, in a simultaneous way,
the changes of opinions about vaccination together with the evolution of a disease. In our
model we consider a multiplex network consisting of two layers... [texto omitido por presencia de símbolos incompatibles con el editor].