30 de junio de 2006

Inequalities of wealth distribution in a society with social classes

J. R. Iglesias, S. Risau-Gusman, M. F. Laguna, in Practical Fruits of Econophysics, p. 327 (Springer, 2006)

We study a simple model of capital exchange among economic agents in which the effect of a correlation between wealth and connectivity is considered  within two different hypotheses: a) agents interact within their own social or economic class and b) agent's connectivity is related to its success in exchange transactions. The wealth distribution in the first case may generate a two-class society  with a clear gap in the middle and highly unequal power law distributions with a  great number of strongly impoverished agents and a few very rich ones. In the second case the wealth distribution is modified by the dynamics of the lattice, getting closer to a power law for some values of the parameters of the model. As expected, the lattice itself is different from the random initial one.