5 de mayo de 2006

Dynamic domain networks

M. N. Kuperman, M. Ballard,  F. Laguna, Eur. Phys. J. B 50, 513 (2006)

A model for a dynamic network consisting of changing local interactions is presented in this work. While the network maintains solely local connections, certain properties known only to Small World Networks may be extracted due to the dynamic nature of the model. At each time step the individuals are grouped into clusters creating neighborhoods or domains of fully connected agents. The boundaries of these domains change in time, corresponding to a situation where the links between individuals are dynamic only throughout the history of the network. A question that we pose is whether our model, which maintains a local structure such that diffusion calculations are possible, might lead to analytic or conceptual advances for the much more complicated case of diffusion on a static disordered network that exhibits the same macroscopic properties as our dynamic ordered network. To answer this, we compare certain properties which characterize the dynamic domain network to those of a Small World Network, and then analyze the diffusion coefficients for three possible domain mutations. We close with a comparison and confirmation of previous epidemiological work carried out on networks.